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Recap 2017

More than 500 guests and more than 50 speakers: The 2017 edition of IFA Summit gave a lot of opportunities to get new insights into the future. Within four thematic clusters – Interaction, Intelligence, Experience and Society – it became clear how necessary an exchange between experts is: Digitalization will influence our lives even more long-term – in all areas from social participation to medicine.

News correspondent Melinda Crane hosted the event. Her resume: “The thing that makes IFA⁺ Summit a think tank is that it’s in no means just tech hype as you might expect at Europe’s biggest fair for consumer and home appliance electronics. What we really heard was a very reflective analysis what these trends mean in terms of positive development and also in risks and things we need to be aware of.” General consensus was that nothing is more important than data protection and a good technological infrastructure. And that it is an important task how Digitalization can evolve without overwhelming or scaring the consumer. Additionally the experts discussed future standards that will push everything further. It was a great event – thanks to everybody involved.

We can’t wait to see you again next year.

Main speakers

The Next Level of Interaction

Amber Case live at the IFA+ Summit on 4 September 2017 in Berlin talking about Calm Technology.

The Next Level of Interaction

Raj Talluri live at the IFA+ Summit talking about our the future of the IoT and our life with 5G.

The Next Level of Intelligence

Mindblowing Opportunities: Erica Warp at IFA+ Summit 2017, speaking about our future with Brain Wearables.

The Next Level of Intelligence

Recap of Fabrice Rousseau talking about Amazon Alexa and the future of eletronical devices in our lives.

The Next Level of Experience

Thomas Wallner talking about 360° and "The Next Level of Experience".

The Next Level of Society

Carl Miller about how digitalization is going to change our society in the future. The E-Volution of Democracy.

Innovation slam winners


Since 2014 the IFA+ Summit is a key platform for pioneers, trendsetters and visionaries. It’s part of IFA, the world’s biggest fair or Consumer Electronics and electronic home appliances and is hosted by Messe Berlin. Last year 500 visitors from 38 countries and 46 speaker from all five continents took part in the experience. The IFA+ Summit is part of IFA NEXT. The most important innovations and trends of our time will be in the spotlight in hall 26b.


The next level of interaction

Mobility and connectivity in the digital age are a matter of course. With the Internet of Things, wearables and digital healthcare, both our bodies and minds are permanently online. What are the potentials, what are the risks? Let’s discuss business opportunities and innovative mobile solutions for an interconnected world.

The next level of intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, learning devices, self-driving cars: is our world getting smarter every day? And where is all this taking us? Let’s see how technological progress is changing our lives and the way we see the world in the time of bots, M2M, Big Data, and smart homes.

The next level of experience

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” Digitalization has not only blurred the lines between reality and fiction. It has created new categories of experience, such as virtual and augmented and mixed reality. How does gamification change our cognition? Explore the latest developments and take a look into the future.

The next level of society

Online learning, social networks, virtual working, digital cities, telemedicine: digitalization has a huge impact on human interaction and on how we experience our social lives. What are the consequences of the evolution of a society that is connected 24/7? Let’s find some answers, together.