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Call for Speakers

Be part of IFA+ Summit and present your project to an international audience of digital leaders and decision makers on the IFA+ Summit stage!

We're looking for:

  • Pioneers in every field of digitization
  • Inspiring presentations and visionary topics
  • Products / trends / research that are not yet ready for the market but could be conceived until 2024
  • Speakers that fit into one of our four clusters

Click here to apply.

Clusters 2018



Cluster Intelligence 2024

What impact will Artificial Intelligence have in the future? How will the potential of new and smart technologies affect different aspects of life? What opportunities and risks do these developments entail? This cluster will focus on the wide scope of Artificial Intelligence.

Technology focus in 2018: AI, learning devices, M2M, deep learning

Cluster Interaction 2024

What will life look like in a connected world? How will consumers interact with their devices and with each other in the future? This cluster will focus on how new technologies will change the way people interact in an interconnected world.

Technology focus in 2018: Robots, virtual assistants, autonomous cars, future mobility

Cluster Society 2024

How will digitization continuously change our social interaction? What will different aspects of everyday life, e.g. public administration, health care or the financial world look like in 10 years? This cluster will focus on the various social aspects of digitization.

Technology focus in 2018: Smart Government, data security, blockchain, robots in healthcare

Cluster Experience 2024

Will virtual reality soon be taken for granted? How will our usage behavior of future realities develop? This cluster will focus on future consumer experience and attitudes towards new technologies.

Technology focus in 2018: VR, AR, mixed reality, gamification, facial recognition, voice recognition



All you can meet event

All You Can Meet

The IFA+ Summit unites some of the world’s brightest minds. And there is a chance to meet them off stage and in a relaxed atmosphere: At ALL YOU CAN MEET at the Marshall-House visionaries and visitors will come together to exchange ideas over drinks and dinner on 3 September starting 6 PM.

All you can meet event

The event is organized by the Berlin Music Commission, German Startups Association and Berlinale. It’s also the launch party for the sampler “listen to berlin”. Last year singer-songwriter Dota Kehr played an acoustic set in the Marshall House.

The entrance to the event is included in the IFA+ Summit ticket.

The Berlin Music Commission

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